Casino park tv tropes

casino park tv tropes

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If a character intentionally comes to the casino, then why they do so tends to vary. Maybe they just came there for some casual card games.

Maybe they know the casino is corrupt, and aim to shut it down. Related to Viva Las Vegas! You need to login to do this. The casinos are Adapted Out in adaptations.

The fourth chapter of British comic Axa has the heroine and her lover encounter a casino, still operating amid a Crapsack World.

Axa has to fight in Gladiator Games to win it back. Vance goes there in the second chapter because he got an anonymous letter warning him of danger to another patron.

Coney Island , a short co-starring Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton , is set entirely at the park, and involves Fatty and Buster fighting over a girl.

In Lonesome , a young man and young woman go to Coney Island separately, only to meet there and fall in love. Featured as a backdrop for a spy meeting in the Bond flick The Living Daylights.

Jeff and Ann get stuck on a scary-looking ride in Mr and Mrs Smith. Pacific Playland, the fictional site of the climax in Zombie Land.

Retroland in Jimmy Neutron: Climax of Sudden Impact takes place in a closed amusement park. The Delos resort in Westworld and Futureworld.

An early example can be found in the silent movie Sunrise. The titular street gang in The Warriors is headquartered in a Coney Island amusement park and spends the film trying to get there.

Used with frightening results in Woman on the Run. The home movie Disneyland Dream , a record of the Barstow family of Weathersfield, Connecticut and their visit to a then-new Disneyland in , was inducted into the National Film Registry.

This was not in the book. Coney Island features in Uptown Girls , with one ride in particular being important to the main characters.

This gets described in more detail in Mrs. Not by name, but by alluding to them strongly enough that any coaster enthusiast should instantly recognise them.

Sonia, to a fairground, where he first has to endure a boxing match, then a potentially deadly ride on the Tunnel of Love, and finally a comic chase through the fair actually the Kursaal in Southend-on-Sea.

The Japanese Game Show Tokyo Friend Park 2 is designed around an amusement park motif, complete with its own foam-rubber mascot, with the individual games referred to as "attractions".

Additionally, the usual bonus prize for a perfect run in the main game is an international trip to a Disneyland either California or Paris. An abandoned amusement park was the site of the final convergence and showdown in The Fugitive.

Bean episode "Mind the Baby, Mr. After a mix-up Mr. Bean finds a baby that has stowed away with him, and he is left to take care of the baby and find its mother while at the same time not being distracted from a day of fun at the carnival.

As does the "Party Land" pinball table in Pinball Fantasies. The "Psycho" table of Psycho Pinball takes place in an amusement park, complete with thrill rides, clowns, and attraction tents that lead to the other tables.

Some games set entirely at an amusement park: The Namco arcade game Marvel Land. Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland for the NES.

Robot on Wheels for the Nintendo Back in town, the local citizens declare a "Conjoined Twin Myslexia Awareness Week" in a misguided attempt to help the school nurse deal with a strange medical disorder.

The boys get back at Jimbo and Ned for telling a false story about being in the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, a producer tries to re-invent Jesus and Pals to save it from low ratings.

Originally aired June 10, " City on the Edge of Forever ": In this clip show episode, Ms. Crabtree becomes a famous stand-up comedian while the South Park kids reminisce on all their adventures while stuck on a bus on the edge of a cliff.

Originally aired June 17, " Summer Sucks ": The town bans fireworks after a North Park kid gets injured and must come up with an alternative for their Fourth of July celebration.

Hat to Brett Favre and Cartman struggles with swimming lessons in a pool full of urinating first graders. A film festival from Los Angeles comes to South Park and corrupts it with their lack of culture.

Meanwhile, Kyle tries to save Mr. Hankey from dying and Chef tries to cash in on the festival by selling his suggestively named treats, "Chocolate Salty Balls.

The town is brainwashed by the curator of a planetarium. Meanwhile, Cartman auditions for a new Cheesy Poofs commercial. Originally aired September 2, " Clubhouses ": The boys create a clubhouse so they can get girls to play "Truth or Dare".

Originally aired September 23, " Cow Days ": An interracial couple wins a vacation to South Park on a game show. Meanwhile, Kyle uses Cartman for a bullriding contest and the South Park cows worship a statue.

Originally aired September 30, " Chef Aid ": Hat of several attempts on Mr. Originally aired October 7, " Spookyfish ": Beings from a parallel universe come to South Park, such as a nice version of Eric Cartman and a killer goldfish.

Originally aired December 9, " Gnomes ": The boys are forced to write a current events paper to save Mr.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are grouped together with Tweek, a jittery child, who suggests that the presentation be on the "Underpants Gnomes", tiny men who sneak into his house and steal his underwear.

Originally aired December 16, " Prehistoric Ice Man ": Stan and Kyle discover a man who has been trapped in the ice since , but break up when they decide on different names for him.

Meanwhile, the "ice man" tries to reconnect with his wife and kids. Originally aired January 20, April 7, - January 12, Jennifer Aniston guest stars as Miss Stevens, a choir teacher who must contend with new members, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny who are put in the club as punishment for disrupting class during a trip to Costa Rica.

Originally aired April 7, " Spontaneous Combustion ": Randy must solve the problem when citizens start spontaneously combusting.

Meanwhile, Cartman plays Jesus in a "Stations of the Cross" play and ends up stuck on the cross, and Kyle tries to find a "nerection" for his dad.

Originally aired April 14, " Succubus ": Meanwhile, Cartman is being bullied by his eye doctor. Originally aired April 21, " Jakovasaurus ": The town saves a species from extinction, but finds that they are an extremely annoying race that only Cartman can stand.

Originally aired June 16, " Tweek vs. The boys push two boys to fight each other. Meanwhile, Kenny gets put in Home Ec.

Adler the shop teacher copes with the loss of his wife, who drowned in a plane crash. Originally aired June 23, " Sexual Harassment Panda ": A man in a panda costume is hired to teach the kids about sexual harassment, leading Cartman to sue Stan and all the kids to sue the school over claims of being harassed, and end up bankrupting the school.

Originally aired July 7, " Cat Orgy ": Kitty, is in heat and goes searching for sex with other cats.

Part two of three. At the meteor shower party mentioned in the previous episode, Stan is stuck in a basement with a group of nerdy kids from school who become important to him when the ATF stakes out the party, thinking that the attendees will commit suicide when the meteor comes.

Meanwhile, Randy feels uncomfortable after he and Gerald watch each other masturbate in a hot tub. Originally aired July 21, " Jewbilee ": On the night of the aforementioned meteor shower, Kyle, Kenny, and Ike go to a Jewish scout camp where Moses appears.

Originally aired October 27, " Chinpokomon ": The boys become fascinated with the latest fad from Japan, which turns out to be an insidious plot to have American children brainwashed into overthrowing the U.

Originally aired November 3, " Hooked on Monkey Fonics ": Originally aired November 10, " Starvin Marvin in Space ": Originally aired November 24, " Mr.

Hankey hosts a Christmas Musical Episode , featuring South Park characters singing twisted renditions of classic Christmas songs and a memorial piece to deceased voice actress Mary Kay Bergman.

Cartman and Kenny mistake a colon infection for their menstrual cycles, prompting Kyle to lie about "getting his period" and Stan to ingest hormone pills so he will not feel left out.

The boys travel to Arkansas to perform at a recorder concert. Garrison confronts his father about not being sexually molested as a child.

Originally aired January 12, Asses of Fire and Sheila leads the parents into a crusade against Canada, which leads to a full-scale global war.

Meanwhile, Kenny dies imitating a stunt from the movie and winds up in Hell, where he discovers Satan and his boyfriend Saddam Hussein plan to invade Earth.

It released on June 30, and has a runtime of 81 minutes. April 5, - December 20, The boys plan to get rich off a scheme involving the tooth fairy, which attracts the attention of an unusual crime boss.

Meanwhile, Kyle ponders his existence after his parents tell him the truth about the tooth fairy. After hitting Token in the head with a rock, Cartman gets arrested after FBI agents claim that he committed a hate crime, since the victim was African-American.

Originally aired April 12, " Timmy ": All the kids in South Park are mistakenly diagnosed with attention deficit disorder after the new, mentally handicapped student Timmy is misdiagnosed himself.

Originally aired April 19, " Quintuplets ": Meanwhile, Kenny practices opera singing and he eventually becomes famous in Eastern Europe.

Originally aired June 21, " Cherokee Hair Tampons ": Garrison becomes a romance novelist after getting fired for incompetence and getting arrested for soliciting sex from a minor.

Originally aired June 28, " Chef Goes Nanners ": Meanwhile, Wendy freaks out when she begins to have a crush on Cartman.

Part one of two. Originally aired July 19, " Probably ": Cartman and the boys start their own church against the wishes of their parents.

Meanwhile, Satan must choose between two of his lovers. Originally aired July 26, " 4th Grade ": The boys enter fourth grade, and build a time machine to go back to the third grade.

Meanwhile, the fourth grade teacher Ms. Choksondik notorious for her sagging breasts and lazy eye seeks help in controlling the students from Mr.

Originally aired November 8, " Trapper Keeper ": Originally aired November 15, " Helen Keller: Timmy attempts to find a live turkey for the Thanksgiving play.

Originally aired November 22, " Pip ": Originally aired November 29, Cartman is sent to a weight loss camp. Meanwhile, Kenny becomes famous for doing disgusting and shocking things for money, a la Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville.

After Kyle is barred from going to a Raging Pussies concert, Cartman tells him that he can easily get rid of his parents by calling the cops on them, claiming that his parents sexually molested him and his brother.

When word spreads of this new way to rid the town of adults, the kids are left to fend for themselves, leading to chaos that only an out-of-town couple on their way to a job interview can stop.

Kyle is upset when Mr. Originally aired December 20, June 20, - December 12, The boundaries of appropriate language on TV gets mowed down in this episode, where the town freely begins using the word "shit" and Mr.

Originally aired June 20, " Cripple Fight ": Originally aired June 27, " Super Best Friends ": A cult that worships David Blaine comes to South Park, but soon has brainwashed the boys, except for Stan, leading him to get the "Super Best Friends" a group of religious figures who team up to save the world into saving the world and into trying to destroy Blaine.

A Wham Episode where Cartman gets revenge on an older boy named Scott Tenorman after he sells Cartman his pubic hair and keeps tricking him out of his allowance.

Originally aired July 11, " Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow ": The boys try to reunite Terrance and Phillip, who are feuding against each other and have broken up Terrence is still doing his act while Phillip has moved on to Shakespearean acting , so they can perform at an Earth Day assembly.

Originally aired July 18, " Cartmanland ": Meanwhile, Kyle develops a terrible hemorrhoid and begins to lose his faith in God. Originally aired July 25, " Proper Condom Use ": The school is forced to teach sex education to the students at a younger age after the boys are found beating off dogs, leading to a gender war because of incompetent teaching methods.

Originally aired August 1, " Towelie ": In order to get their video game console back, the boys must bring an animated, drug smoking towel to the government from the feud between paramilitaries and extraterrestrials.

This episode is the first to air after the September 11, attacks. Meanwhile, Butters gets grounded for his supposedly bad school photo.

Originally aired November 14, " The Entity ": Originally aired November 21, " Here Comes the Neighborhood ": Rich, black families move into the predominantly white South Park, prompting the locals to be prejudiced against them for being wealthy.

Originally aired November 28, " Kenny Dies ": Meanwhile, Cartman uses stem cells to clone his favorite restaurant.

Kenny would later come back to life in the 6th season finale Red Sleigh Down. A Day in the Limelight episode centered on Butters Stotch, a cheery, little boy whose mom tries to kill him after Butters discovers that his father goes to gay bathhouses.

Originally aired December 12, March 6, - December 11, Weight loss advocate and Subway spokesman Jared Fogle incurs the wrath of the town after he announces that he lost weight because he has aides misinterpreted as AIDS.

Meanwhile, the boys use Butters as their spokesman for a local Chinese restaurant. Originally aired March 6, " Asspen ": Stan is dragged into a skiing competition with a plot straight out of a teen rom-com from the s, while their parents are imprisoned at a timeshare seminar, and forced at gunpoint to buy some.

Originally aired March 13, " Freak Strike ": Originally aired March 20, " Fun With Veal ": The boys try to save baby cows after a trip to a slaughterhouse opens their eyes on what veal really is.

The boys have to sit through a boring TV show starring Russell Crowe to see a trailer for the new Terrance and Phillip movie, but risk missing it when Shelley sends the boys out to buy tampons and the boys try to find another TV to watch the trailer.

Originally aired April 3, " Professor Chaos ": The boys try to find a replacement for Butters, who becomes a supervillain after being kicked out of the group.

Meanwhile, Cartman creates a miniature society of sea people in his aquarium which, coincidentally, was the plot of a "Treehouse of Horror" story from The Simpsons.

Due to the wave of claims that children have been sexually molested by religious figures Catholic priests, especially , Priest Maxi the local priest from the only church the town has tries to bring about reform, the South Park parents convert to atheism, and Cartman wins a bet with Kyle that he can defecate from his mouth, which becomes the new way of eating.

Originally aired July 3, " Free Hat ": The boys form a club to try to stop Steven Spielberg and George Lucas from releasing edited versions of their classic films, offering a free hat to those who join, but the townspeople mistake it as a call to free a child murderer named Hat McCullough from prison.

The boys in class start acting weird when Bebe begins to develop breasts, while Wendy Testaburger gets implants so the boys will notice her. The parents hire Tuong Lu Kim to build a wall around the city to protect the children from kidnappers, but end up letting their kids go after learning that parents are more likely to abduct their own children than total strangers.

Originally aired July 24, " A Ladder to Heaven ": The boys build a ladder to heaven to retrieve a coupon needed for a candy store shopping spree, which leads to reports that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction in Heaven.

Garrison tries to get fired for discrimination by performing inappropriate acts in class with his new teaching assistant Mr.

Slave so he can file a lawsuit against the school, but the school administration instead sends the students to a "tolerance camp" to learn how to deal with people of different walks of life.

Meanwhile, Stan calls out Crossing Over host and alleged spiritual medium John Edward for providing false hope to people whose loved ones have died.

Stan meets a man who claims to be Stan in the future after a life of abusing drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, Cartman starts a "revenge business".

Originally aired December 4, " Red Sleigh Down ": Kenny returns in this episode after being dead for a year.

Parody of the film Black Hawk Down. Originally aired December 11, March 19, - December 17, After experiencing deja vu, the boys discover that life on Earth is really an alien reality TV show on the verge of being cancelled.

Originally aired March 19, " Krazy Kripples ": Timmy and Jimmy start a club for cripples, which draws attention from the Crips and the gang wants the two crippled children to join if they kill The Bloods.

Meanwhile, Christopher Reeve comes to town to promote stem cell research for the handicapped. Originally aired March 26, " Toilet Paper ": In the th episode though "Cancelled" is actually the th in production code order and was originally planned to be it , the boys get caught in the middle of a bloody battle between pro-Iraq War and anti-Iraq War advocates, while Cartman travels back in time to the Colonial era for a history report by killing himself.

Cartman create a hand-puppet version of Jennifer Lopez for a Latino appreciation school presentation, which becomes a major celebrity, causes Ben Affleck to fall for the hand puppet, and incurs the wrath of the real J-Lo.

Native Americans take over South Park and plan to tear it down to build a super-highway to their new casino. Originally aired April 30, " South Park is Gay!

The men and boys of town become metrosexual, while Kyle, Mr. Garrison try to stop the wave of metrosexuality when Kyle is treated like an outcast, and Mr.

Originally aired October 22, " Christian Rock Hard ": Cartman, Token, and Butters form a Christian music band while Stan, Kyle, and Kenny get busted for illegally downloading music and join other bands in protesting over people downloading their music for free.

Originally aired October 29, " Grey Dawn ": Originally aired November 5, " Casa Bonita ": When Kyle refuses to invite Cartman to his birthday party and invites Butters instead, Cartman tricks Butters into thinking the world is coming to an end and leaves him at the city dump.

Originally aired November 12, " All About Mormons ": Stan befriends a Mormon boy and his family. Originally aired November 19, " Butt Out ": The boys get in trouble for smoking cigarettes after being forced to go to an anti-smoking assembly, but the ensuing outrage has Kyle trying to stay out of it as the scenario of the town being outraged over something minor has all been done before.

Originally aired December 3, " Raisins ": Stan becomes a Goth after Wendy Testaburger breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Butters falls for Lexus, a waitress at a Hooters-esque restaurant called "Raisins," who only flirts with him as part of her job.

Originally aired December 17, March 17, - December 15, The boys buy Japanese weapons at a fair and imagine themselves as action anime characters, but when Kenny hits Butters as Professor Chaos with a throwing star, they must rush to get Butters medical attention without getting caught.

Originally aired March 17, " Up the Down Steroid ": Jimmy uses steroids to cheat in the Special Olympics and Cartman disguises himself as a child with a developmental disability in order to enter.

Originally aired March 24, " The Passion of the Jew ": Stan and Kenny also see the movie and hate it for using violence to guilt people into becoming Christians, prompting them to head to Malibu to retrieve their ticket money from Mel Gibson himself.

In this parody of street-dancing movies, Stan recruits a Raisins girl, a Goth, and a Dance Dance Revolution master to compete against a group of breakdancers from Orange County.

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